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Just this year we have experienced the deadly Haiti, Chili, and the Mexicali quakes, as well as many other devastating quakes all over the world. I am put at ease with news pieces such as the one below, that tell us that we are not experiencing anything out of the ordinary [click image to read original story].

But when you live in a danger zone, you really want to be extra sure, so after the Mexicali quake happened, I started doing some of my own research, just in case. I poured over the USGS site to see for myself if there was anything to worry about. Below we see a graph of all magnitude 8 and above earthquakes since I noticed right away that earthquakes are not randomly spread out but tend to cluster. Something is going on at around , including the 2 largest quakes in history, and then there's a quiet period, before things start ramping up again into the s.

What if those quakes were part of a larger and more dangerous trend? I had to find out. It was at about this time that I stumbled on the work of Susan Seymour Hedke, at www. Hedke had been puttering in astrology and wanted to see if there was an astrological explanation for the devastating December Indonesia earthquake and tsunami. Hedke found an interesting planetary alignment that day, but it did not really explain the ferocity of this event.

Then she started thinking about the Mayan Prophecy and thought there might be a connection. She learned that the Mayans were tracking the day that the sun would rise through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Mayans may not have known that's what it was -- but they did know that it was an important an ominous place in the sky. Galactic Alignment Below is a view of our solar system as seen from the center of the galaxy.

We are floating around within the plane of the galaxy about light years above the middle of the plane and 26, light years from the center of the galaxy. But other bodies in space are pulling the solar system from different directions, which causes the whole system to wobble around with a period of about 26, years, known as a Great Year. At this time, there will be an alignment of the Earth, Sun and Galactic center, at the completion of the Procession of the Equinox.

Mayan Astrology

Back to our story. With this new knowledge, Hedke decided to treat the Galactic Center or GC as another planet on her charts. But for now let's stick with earthquakes. According to Hedke, the worst disasters tend to happen when the planets or other bodies, like the Sun or the Moon form a T-square around the Earth, with one planet on either side of the Earth opposed to each other and a third at 90 degrees to one side. This configuration is illustrated in the figure below.

In this location across from the Sun, the Moon would be full. The more bodies that play a role in the T-square, the worse the predicted outcome. The GC is located between Sagittarius and Scorpio in the sky, a fixed position in our system, while the other heavenly bodies are constantly moving around.

In Hedke's book, The Galactic Center and the Great Waves Coming in December , she demonstrates that the Sun and Pluto were near conjunct the GC on December 26, , and opposite the full moon, and with Saturn and Chiron forming a cross, an even more dangerous configuration than a T-square. Hedke goes on to chart the worst disasters in history, with similar results. Hedke claims that as we near the Mayan end date, earthquakes will intensify. Death, the next day-sign, symbolizes personal sacrifice and acceptance of change. It is a sign of politics and practicality and produces persons who work hard for the community to which they belong.

George Bush and Jane Fonda were born under it. Deer is a day-sign that is contradictory in many ways. For these natives community and family are of great importance, but so is their freedom to follow their nomadic instincts.

Deer types are also very sensual, artistic and even eccentric. Prince Charles and Mozart were born under Deer. Rabbit, a sign of cleverness, games and competition, produces persons with active minds who must always be doing something. They have a great liking for music and humor, but they can also be argumentative and even self-destructive at times.

Born under it were Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix.

Water is the next sign of the east and it represents emotional power and leadership. Persons born under it struggle with powerful emotions and urges. They are great dreamers and are sometimes psychic. Both George Washington and John Lennon were born under this day-sign. Dog, a sign of loyalty and leadership comes next. Consistency and commitment characterize persons born under it. They are good team players, usually very creative, and strive patiently for authoritative positions. They also have a liking to roam, but not too far from their territory.

Mark Twain and Yasir Arafat were born under it.

Are Earthquakes Increasing? A new theory.

Monkey is the sign of the performer or actor. This sign needs attention and is often found in the performing or communicative arts. Although they are socially active, they often struggle with close intimate relationships. Ronald Reagan was born here as was Sean Connery. Grass is a day-sign of usefulness, compromise and healing. Persons born under it are easy-going, but they are also very touchy and hide deep hurts and feelings.

They are slow to get going, but once they do they don't stop. Friedrich Nietzche and Hugh Hefner were born under it. Powerful Reed, the fourth sign of the east, begins the next set of four day-signs and is associated with knowledge, strong opinions and forcefulness. Persons born under it are usually popular, accomplished and competent, having deep knowledge of human nature. They can be intellectually rigid and prone to argue, however. Franklin D.

Earthquake Watch Dates with Charts

Roosevelt was born under it as were Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. Ocelot, the day-sign of Edgar Cayce and Paul Newman, comes next and rules psychic abilities and counseling. It produces persons who are secretive and private but make good healers and consultants as they are not afraid of getting involved with other people's lives. They are often deeply moved by spiritual or religious matters. Eagle comes next and it is a day-sign associated with vision and attention to detail. Persons born under it are usually independent, perfectionists, and technically minded.

They can be very ambitious and critical, yet they also enjoy a good escape now and then.

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This is an open-minded day-sign, the sign of J. Kennedy and Cary Grant. Vulture is a day-sign of authority and hierarchy. Those born under it are status-conscious and driven to high positions, or they become the victims of those already so positioned. They are. They are often hardened to life and difficult to reach emotionally. Ayn Rand and William F. Buckley III were born under it. Mayan Calander Secrets Revealed. Additonal Terms. Knights of Malta. Secrets of the Pyramids. Bilderberg Group. The Real Aliens. The Reptilians. Planet Nibiru.

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