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Mercury enters Scorpio bringing depth and intensity and Mars enters lovely Libra urging us to find balance.

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Create a members account for free. Psychic readings are at the usual premium rate — please see terms and conditions for details. SP: www. Weekly Astrology Horoscope 16th September — Fabulous cosmic news! This week Venus the Planet of love goes into her favourite place Libra. Love can become more harmonious as we find harmony and balance. A grand earth trine helps us ground our dreams and build our future. Your psychic email reading aims to answer specific questions as well as giving you a general overview of what is going on around you empowering you to follow your own wisdom and intuition.

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Make the most of your psychic reading with these tips and faqs. Taurus April 21 to May Scorpio Oct 24 to Nov Gemini May 22 to June Sagittarius Nov 23 to Dec Cancer June 22 to July Capricorn Dec 22 to Jan Leo July 24 to August Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb Virgo August 24 to Sep Pisces Feb 20 to March Client Speak.

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Manager Accenture Services Pvt. New Delhi, India. Libra men also exude a classic charisma in whites and blues. With their planet as Venus, beauty, grace and elegance is inherent to their personalities. Gracefully romantic personality oozes out from their groomed looks.

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When you see a person having bold sometimes even dramatic! They excellently blend bright colors with nude shades of makeup or footwears. Scorpio men are dapper. People belong to this Zodiac dress to the nines. They are particular about every little detail when they get ready. Sagittarius are often social butterflies. They love traveling and exploring new places. Sagittarius women love the glamourous style while they party. And men wear spiffy outfits in social gatherings.

They often mix and match different accessories to top up their style. Capricorn are highly brand conscious and appreciate luxury fashion items. At the same time, they are also hardworking, so comfort as well as brand and style is what they go for. Men in smart formal attire are often Capricorn. They do not use accessories much. Petals or metals — is the fashion mantra of Capricorn women! They choose-floral-pastel colors and pair it with metallic shades. Aquarius are very creative and original in their fashion styles.

You often find them experimenting with new styles and accessories.

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Red is your go-to color! It perfectly reflects your free-spirited nature. Elegant and straightforward- is your style statement, Pices. You choose clothes which are simply — stunning. You do not prefer cuts and sequences. So, this is how different Zodiac signs see fashion and create their personality. Take note of this secret we revealed today! Now you will not be confused about what kind of clothes, or gifts your loved ones will like.

Just know their zodiac sign and check out what is their fashion personality?!