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The Year of the Rat will present you with a plethora of openings which require plenty of action and a lot of travel. These prospects come with the inherent hazards, and you have to move with swiftness and care if you have to achieve success. The year of the Rat requires the Snake to be diligent and match the pace of the Rat. If you have to accomplish your goals, it will be necessary to improve your techniques of communication.

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There is also a need for sincerity and dedication in your approach to the various jobs you have taken up. As the Snakes are equally flexible as Rats, there should not be any problems on this account.

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The Snakes can expect encouragement and assistance from a close acquaintance or a relative in turning your projects to success. Though the year is promising for investments, they should be backed up by proper expertise. The fiscal health of Snakes will be normal during the year, and you have to cut down your expenses and expenditure of family members. The fights and conflicts between the Snake and Rat may result in ill health of seniors in the family and even your well being.

The forecast for Career during the year of Snake suggest a normal period. If you have to achieve some progress, you will have to put in more effort and seek the cooperation of your colleagues. If the Snakes are thinking of changing over to a new job, the time is not promising.

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Though you are likely to face some turmoil in the workplace, you will have the help of a guardian angel to overcome the challenges. Predictions for Love for Snakes in the year suggest luck is not on your side. Marriage life can be made enjoyable by keeping the channel of communications open with your spouse. You can also take the help of friends to smoother the wrinkles in your relationship.

It is necessary to approach the problems in your marriage with a sense of optimism and with an open mind. Single persons will be able to get into new relationships, and you may even be lucky to get a person of your choice. Before you confirm the relationship, take your own time and try to understand the person fully. This will avoid unnecessary hassles in the future. Predictions for Finance for Snakes in the year foretell a year of fluctuating fortunes.

Therefore, the year of brings in Water. The Metal of is related to money. This person has a good opportunity for prosperity. The Water of Rat is related to the job. He will focus on career opportunities or job responsibilities. Yang Metal is connected to weapons, armor or strong wind. Rat is connected to cold water, rain or ocean.

Yang Metal Rat benefits people whose Lucky Element is metal or water. Yang Metal Rat is a sign of armored Rat or windy rainstorm. Metal is the mother element of Rat water. Rat is gathering the energy for the next challenge or battle. The sign is training and education time.

Yang Metal Rat is a very powerful water combination. We need to focus on water. Too much water might cause a hurricane or landslide to damage the properties. This is a sign of money loss, collapse, and dispute. The following table shows people's fortune in based on their Luck Elements. Fundamentally, will bring significant luck. The Metal of will enforce the strength of your Lucky Element. When you need helps, your mentors or dignitaries will appear to guide you and give you good advice. As long as Fire is not around the Metal, you will have an excellent fortune in Rat is in the Water group.

Metal is the mother element of Water. The mother will give all she has to her child. If you ask help from Metal, Metal cannot have full energy to help you in Basically you have very good luck in The Metal of is the mother element of Water. Metal will fully support Water, which is a very good sign. Metal can protect Water from attacking by the Earth. Metal and Water will be a good pair to ensure your good fortune. You should have very good luck in of Rat. The Water of will provide enough water supplies whenever you need it.

Your mentors or dignitaries are always around to guide you and give you good advice. As long as Earth is away from your Lucky Element Water, you will have great fortune in Winter will be your good season. Metal and Wood are opposite elements. Wood is afraid of Metal. The Metal of will bring pressure on Wood.

Metal is unfavorable to you. Metal will diminish your luck in Female Wood loves everything regarding Male Metal and forgets the characteristics of Wood. Your helper is busy with his or her love relationship. He or she is unable to help you anymore. This doesn't look good in You will have very good luck in of Rat.

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The Water of is the mother element of Wood. Water will fully support Wood, which is a very good sign. Water can protect Wood from attacking by the Metal. Water and Wood will be a good pair to ensure your good fortune. Metal and Fire are opposite elements. They have fighting relationship. Fire is not afraid of Metal.

But Metal of will disturb the Fire. That means the person often helping you have an argument with someone. The person doesn't have time to help you and guide you. Water and Fire are opposite elements. Fire is afraid of Water. The Water of will bring pressure on the Fire. Water is unfavorable to you.

Water will diminish your luck in of Rat. Winter is not a good season for you. Earth is the mother element of Metal. If you ask help from Earth, Earth cannot have full energy to help you in Water and Earth are opposite elements. The person who provided supports to you has a dispute with someone. But now, the person doesn't have enough time to help you and guide you.

The following informs people what event may occur in based on their Day Master Element Type. Metal is Male Metal. When You Day Master are Metal. The Metal of represents your siblings, friends, coworkers, partners, relatives or peers.

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The events will be connected to them and spend most of time with them. You will have more energy in social activities. If you own a business, then you will often work with your partners to compete with your opponents. If Water is your Lucky Element, then you will get lots of courage and support from your siblings or friends. If you are doing business, then your friends or business partners will help you to bring in more income. If Water is your Unlucky Element, then your friends or relatives will bring you trouble.

They might ask for a loan, or you may be forced to spend money on them. Rat of contains mainly Water.

Water is related to your children, outlook, words, and actions. Marriage Line. Children Line. Palm Reading Types of Hand. House Feng Shui House Building. Basics Feng Shui. Organs on Face Forehead. Basics Face Shapes. You can use our Chinese Farmer's Almanac calendar Tung Shing or Tung Shu to find out things suggested to do or not to do for each day, and holidays and solar terms in each month.

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