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At the Cardinal Crossroads

It is associated with uniqueness, as well as the qualities that can leave us feeling like outsiders. It is often called the Great Awakener, since its purpose is to bring us out of simply following the crowd into a state of consciousness and awareness. Pluto is the agent of transformation and rebirth. It is connected to death and it can sometimes lead us to encounter and deal with death in the world. However, physical death is just one of the many layers of meaning in Pluto.

It is about endings that reach so deep they spawn a regeneration process. Transformation is the transition of change between the old and the new; between death and rebirth. Pluto's endings are a necessary end to what was, in order to release energy which then fuels the transformation process and then facilitates the rebirth into a new form. This transit creates tension that brings out a number of contrasting qualities: conventionality versus rebellion; the past versus the future; commitment versus freedom; order versus chaos; predictability versus spontaneity; and results versus potential.

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These planets are like huge iron cogs in a giant machine, grinding together and creating heat and friction. However, like machinery, they also have the potential to generate progress and productivity if you keep the temperature, speed and energy well-balanced. This pair of planets can bring renewed hope and faith, although it could also bring too much too fast and result in chaos and becoming overextended. Read more about Uranus in Aries.

This transit is especially significant because it marks the first major turning point in the year cycle that began with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the turbulent s. At that time the world saw enormous change on every level of life, from politics to civil rights to social norms to fashion and the arts. This time was marked by strenuous clashes between those who saw a radically new vision for the future and those who wanted to ensure that the traditions and conventional wisdom of the past was not lost.

Now, years later, the Uranus-Pluto square brings us again to the crossroads of change and challenges us to re-establish a balance between these factions as we advance through the next 50 years. In this series of articles about the Cardinal Cross, we'll explore how this planetary alignment is affecting us globally and collectively, as well as how you can work with it personally to use the energy to create positive change in your own life. Check back here in the next few days to read more about the Cardinal Cross, or you can subscribe to receive notifications of updates.

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The information on this website is presented for educational and entertainment purposes only. Space pictures courtesy of NASA. Our task is to create new, sustainable models of power based on the understanding that all of life is interconnected — the feminine principle of relatedness. Uranus in Aries — the wild card, the Trickster — instigates a new year cycle, entry into uncharted territory.

We have to be connected to our instincts, our bodies, to respond effectively to quickly changing circumstances. Uranus is a speedy, chaotic, unpredictable energy — what seems hopelessly entrenched can become unstuck. As systems break down, the ability to work together will become a survival skill — the fundamental lesson of Saturn in Libra. Forming partnerships and alliances, knowing who you can trust, and being a trustworthy partner yourself will be increasingly important.

The mostly missing point in the Cross is Cancer — the Cardinal water sign symbolizing the Mother and Great Mother archetypes. Cancer is the sign of home and family, concepts we are needing to expand to include all of Earth and all her inhabitants. These high-powered cosmic events are opportunities to FEEL into the meaning of the Cardinal Cross and what it is asking of you personally, what is your unique, essential contribution in these times.

Squaring stimilus on the early cardinal signs will bring about or is that force? We need to do things in a different way. This has been long-apparent, but various crises — many manufactured — will mean taking new directions, really getting them underway, will no longer be a choice. Things take on a survival tone here. Uranus conjunct Jupiter in early Aries plays a prominent role in this cardinal configuration.

Demystifying the MYSTIC RECTANGLE, GRAND TRINES, and More! Aspect Patterns— with Heather!

For seven years now, the mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune has marked a tightly interwoven transition time and overlap between the tail end of the astrological Piscean era and the beginning of the Aquarian. Uranus entering the zero degree of Aries marks the earliest birth point indicator of this Aquarian era. As we forge ahead into this new astrological era, human beings now take up the battle, in earnest, for autonomy, freedom and survival in the face of corrupt, hierarchical control structures and an increasingly tight though decreasingly effective stranglehold by corporate oligarchy.

A narrow path, it certainly is, to freedom. But here are the clashes between those who desire a truly free humanity on this planet, those who desire to BE a truly free humanity, and those doing everything in their power to ensnare and enslave in order to energetically and physically prop up same-old, same-old pyramid-scheme hierarchies.

With these two in tense aspect, there will be anger — collectively and personally. Understanding the root of it and harnessing it as a guiding impetus to effective action is the name of the game here, rather than letting it be used to manipulate and harm us. There will be an instinctual, primordial element to the actions we take now, with quick-flash insights and decisions being made.

How we start off here, this summer and for the next five years, is the make or break. Who you are matters — every edge and angle. Trust it. They retrograde back into late Pisces and will not enter Aries for good until January Jupiter and March Uranus of Twilight Starsong Learning Curve On The Ecliptic Coming from the perspective of a non-professional astrologer, but one who has watched astrological events and their results with interest over many years, first thoughts on the upcoming cardinal cross are: it will not augur any single, immediately dire, event.


Whatever alarms, changes or transformation might be indicated by the upcoming configuration of planets, I doubt that much will come to a head at the exact time the planets form this cardinal cross in early August. Events have been stacking up: earthquakes, oil spills, volcano eruptions, political unrest. The same trend is likely to continue. The cardinal cross of is akin to a very loud thunder-clap during a storm as it passes right overhead. Cardinal signs linked together indicate something of a climax.

The planets involved can be heavy hitters. I tend to respect predictions based on Pluto, Uranus and Saturn more than most others. All three are involved here. The summer of will, I suspect, be at center of that span.

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In matters of the environment, energy, politics, the corporatocracy, militarism, religion there have been areas of serious concern building for some years. We are in a period of gradual change, but then we always have been. Having stepped forward, he may slip back, but only half a step, never the full step back. Molly Hall About Astrology Shake Downs These oppositions between Saturn and Uranus — from November into this year — have prepped us to be stand alone sovereign beings.

This means getting unstuck from things like stable but soul sucking jobs, by shocks or by breaking free ourselves.

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Each person has been initiated as real-life mystics, on the quest for a new kind of security in the midst of chaos. Any mind control programming starts to fail, and more are impulsed to think for themselves. This is important to understand because our belief system is the determinant of how we interpret life itself.

The core point within this is that we do not need a specific belief system to determine what is right or wrong. The intuition simply knows in and of itself what is intrinsically right and wrong. This is why one of the deepest correlations of the Sagittarius archetype is to natural law natural laws are those that are self-evident in nature and do not require a specific belief system. This archetype represents an ongoing need for expansion in regards to embracing more and more of the total truth universal truth is reflected in the Pisces archetype. An inherent problem within this archetype is one of generalization generalizing that one's own personal truth should be applied to all people , which can lead to the tendency to convince and convert others.

The dynamic of honesty is reflected in the Sagittarius archetype. In a negative expression, exaggerations, embellishments, and outright lies can manifest. It is important to understand that this occurs as a reflection of inferiority square to Virgo archetype. The polarity of Sagittarius is Gemini. This symbolizes the need to embrace the ideas, viewpoints, and perspective of others in order to learn that a diversity of paths that lead to the truth, so to speak. These laws operate outside the spectrum of time and space they are universally applicable and will be true regardless of the passage of time.

This archetype reflects the need in all people for ultimate meaning. Ultimately, this can only be found through a direct connection with the Divine. Relative to the square to Sagittarius, any beliefs or personal truths that have become exaggerated will need to be adjusted Virgo, the polarity point to Pisces. Delusions, illusions, and fantasies are symbolized in the Pisces archetype.

Idealization and even fanaticism can occur in this archetype because of a projection of ultimate meaning; this is why it is so important to filter information and ideas instead of taking in it in as a whole square to Gemini and polarity to Virgo. A culmination, or completion, of an entire evolutionary cycle is symbolized. Any external area of life that represents ultimate meaning will be dissolved or brought to completion. Commonly, an increasing sense of emptiness and meaninglessness is experienced.

Anything external that we have given too much meaning to will lead a progressive state of disillusionment. In a negative expression, a variety of behavior that is linked with the need to escape can manifest. Even though disillusionment is painful, it does lead to a re-alignment with actual reality Virgo polarity point to Pisces. Taking the above discussed archetypes of the mutable grand cross into mind, we can then solidify these core concepts through the use of a simple illustration.

If, for example, in a natal chart an individual has Pluto in the ninth house, a South Node in the twelfth house, and North Node in the sixth house, what core correlations, or core dynamics, could we determine from this natal signature? Pluto in the ninth house correlates to a core desire to penetrate to the "bottom line" of the Soul's personal truth. Any aspect of the Soul that is not inwardly honest and not in alignment with natural laws will come under the evolutionary pressure of Pluto. The Soul will experience a metamorphosis of any beliefs that have become rigid and outdated; Pluto's polarity point of the third house will necessitate an exposure to the diversity of viewpoints and ideas of others.

This experience serves to induce an expansion of limited beliefs, and an awareness of the subjective nature of the personal truth and beliefs within the Soul. The South Node in the twelfth house reflects a susceptibility to the beliefs and teachings in the environment. The Soul may have unconsciously osmosed the belief system of the early childhood environment.

The Soul may have become suffocated or overwhelmed by the teachings of others. The situation may have been created in which the individual fell prey to fictitious teachings and teachers; these teachings and beliefs may have been given ultimate meaning South Node in the twelfth house. The experience of disillusionment will manifest at some point within the life. Disillusionment serves to promote the awareness of natural laws and truths verses false teachings and illusions. The North Node in the sixth house correlates with the need for discernment and self-improvement.

The Soul will naturally begin to analyze the deficiencies in the belief structure in order to affect improvement. In this case, an exposure to the diversity of view points, ideas in the environment Pluto's polarity point in the third house will manifest to induce this evolutionary change.

Intellectual and philosophical confrontation may occur in order to enforce these necessary evolutionary intentions. An essential humility will take hold, and the Soul will have developed the capacity to discern what information is true and what information is false North Node in the sixth house. These inner adjustments will lead to a progressively positive response from others to the teachings Pluto in the ninth house that the Soul may wish to impart. X OOPS!

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